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📃Nature of Sound LIVE Artist Agreement ✒️

Updated: Apr 13

At Nature of Sound, we believe in the synergy between our platform and the artists who grace our stages. We've crafted a music recording contract that respects artists' rights while fostering a cooperative promotional relationship.

🛃Artists Maintain Ownership

When you perform with us, rest assured that both raw and mastered audio recordings remain under your ownership. We respect your creative control and celebrate your talent. We do however reserve the right to use mastered recordings for promotional content within reason.

🛜Streaming Acknowledgement and Tagging

In the spirit of collaboration, we ask for the permission to upload tracks on streaming services or if not that when you share the music on streaming services, you acknowledge our partnership by tagging Nature of Sound and acknowledging the names of our production team members involved in the project. This small gesture helps strengthen our community and supports our mission by recognizing the volunteers and staff behind the work.

⏯️Distribution release and Promotions

Your performance is your showcase. Feel free to use recorded footage for your promotions, crediting Nature of Sound as mentioned above by simply linking to our Discord community where more artists can join the movement. We also ask that you share your content release plans relating to this content in order to maximize the reach of the full performance this includes the mastered audio releases on streaming sites.

↩️Joint Promotional Efforts

The full session of your performance will be a feature on our YouTube channel. We'll also utilize the footage to spotlight your artistry, ensuring your work reaches a broader audience across various social media platforms. By supporting your digital performance with us we will help support and share any touring information or content releases to our community.

🔁Mutual Benefits

By signing up to perform, you're entering into a transparent agreement that offers mutual benefits: you retain creative rights, and together, we amplify your music.

📶Expectations for Promotion

We anticipate that you'll share the excitement of your performance and the resulting content with your audience, helping to promote the event and release. Engaging in posts across social media platforms will provide the best results to drive attention and traffic to the performance.


This page serves to clarify the mutual understanding between Nature of Sound LIVE and our artists agreement—a partnership built on respect, transparency, and shared success. We look forward to working with local artists and are always ready to improve on our policy as necessary. By fulfilling this form you agree with these terms and conditions unless signed and documented elsewhere.


For a detailed overview of this collaboration, visit our performance page.

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