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Join Nature of Sound, Perform Virtually or In-Person on Discord 🎵💫

Updated: Jan 17

A Green Seedling shaped like a music note is shown has nature of sounds logo aswell as the blog title perform virtually or in-person on discord with our creative community solutions platform at


At Nature of Sound, your music is a melody of change. Join us on Discord to perform virtually or in-person, and let your artistry echo our mission. Our collaborative programs are a dance of expression, empowerment, and profound connection, weaving local talent into a tapestry of change.

Perform Virtually or In-Person on Discord 🎶

By Joining our server on discord we can couple your artistry with our music program by turning passion into purpose. It's where musicians like you find a stage to contribute to our community-focused campaigns.

🔸 Perform Virtually or In-Person

Embrace the magic of our creative spaces or virtual production studio! Whether you're a solo artist, band, DJ, or entertainer, we're committed to magnifying your artistry.

🔸 Local Collaborations

By orchestrating with local venues and agencies, we cultivate creative spaces for a rich culture of entertainment in harmony with our values. 🔸 Self-Sustaining

Developing a transparent fundraising process that allows artists to continue to do what they love while getting paid, and volunteering their time coordinating and growing our program to fund projects in their community.

Global Performances for Local Impact 🌍

We are pushing the conversation on what it means to get involved. Empowering artists all over the world performing virtually or in-person on discord, our creative community solutions platform is designed as an inclusive social entrepreneurship process that fuels artistry and societal change. Performances ignite discussions, leading to comprehensive strategies and community-driven solutions for a better world.

Performing with Visuals Jockeys 🎥

Our partnership with the Netherlands-based Resolum team takes our artistic collaboration to new heights, creating immersive experiences that blend sound and sight. With their generous donation of Arena software, we're able to amplify our efforts in working with the VJ community, offering a multi-sensory dimension to our cause that engages audiences in unique ways.

Lights, Camera, Action: Crafting Impactful Narratives 🎬

Our Production Team excels in weaving stories that resonate with our overarching mission. Collaborating closely with musicians like yourself, we aim to generate content that not only showcases creative expression but also catalyzes meaningful dialogue on issues you deeply care about.

How We Collaborate with Musicians 🎶

We adopt a "by musicians, for musicians" approach. Our content isn't just about entertainment; it's about igniting conversations that move, inspire, and catalyze change. We're committed to co-creating content that resonates with your fanbase, highlighting both your artistry and the causes close to your heart.

Formats to Foster Dialogue 🗨️

We offer multiple avenues for discussion geared toward societal transformation. Whether it's through a podcast-style conversation or an educational workshop, each format comes with a compelling call to action. We're open to collaborating closely with you and your team to craft personalized content that not only entertains but also educates and empowers.

Adapting and Innovating 🚀

We've embraced technical innovation to enhance community engagement, tailoring volunteering opportunities to individual passions and providing technical support to our community and artists.

🔸 Onsite Technical Support: If you're within a feasible mile radius, our adept team optimizes the technical aspects, ensuring your performance is flawless.

🔸 Virtual Tech Brilliance: With a virtual production as our stage, we're always on standby to support and elevate your music. We handle the intricacies so you can focus solely on your craft.

🔸 Promotional Prowess: From captivating photoshoots to impeccable promo content, our team positions you in the limelight, enhancing your reach and impact.

Advocacy, Symphony of Growth and Impact 🏆

Our evolution of social impact is a testament to the power of collective creativity. Our Awards, accolades, and resonating impact are musical notes in a composition of positive change. 🔸 Individual Voices, Collective Change: Every artist, every musician has a unique voice and a passion. Whether it's human rights, environmental sustainability, or any other cause, your art has the power to speak volumes. By uniting these individual voices, we form a symphony of advocacy that resonates far and wide.

🔸 Collaboration with Cause Champions: We recognize the strength in collaboration. By partnering with organizations and causes that align with our values, we amplify our efforts. From local nonprofits to global campaigns, our collaborations are harmonious orchestrations that further our mission.

🔸 Platform for Ongoing Dialogue: Through performances, virtual productions, workshops, and social media engagement, we provide a dynamic platform for continuous dialogue. We invite artists and musicians to use their talent to shed light on the issues they care about, engaging audiences and stirring a movement of consciousness and change.

🔸 Empowering Through Education: Our initiatives are not limited to performances. We host workshops, discussions, and interactive sessions to educate and empower both artists and the community. By understanding the cause, we fuel passion into action, nurturing a community of informed and engaged advocates.

Harmonizing Advocacy: A Movement Beyond Music 🎼🌍

At Nature of Sound, our melodies extend beyond the stage; they resonate with the causes that are close to our heart and art. We believe in the transformative power of music to inspire conversations, stimulate change, and create a lasting impact on the issues that matter.

Join the Orchestra of Change 🎻

Are you a musician or creative ready to take the virtual or live stage? Join us on Discord where you can learn about onboarding and volunteering. Together, let's orchestrate a future where art educates, empowers, and elevates. Let's make music and content that don't just touch hearts but change lives.

🔸 Join our Artist Collective: If you're an artist driven by a cause, join us. Together, we can transform individual passions into a united effort that not only entertains but enlightens, engages, and elevates. Let's make art that doesn't just create melodies but movements of positive change. Sign up Today

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