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Volunteer Programs

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Empowering Creative Expression

Getting Started

Understanding our platform for Creative Community Solutions

New & Inclusive Opportunities: Discover a multitude of ways to volunteer, from art and music to games and more. Your unique skills and passions are welcome here.

Tree Shadows on Wall

Personalized Onboarding Process

Right from the moment you join, we’ll guide you through selecting your participation level, identifying your interests and connecting you with our team organizers and industry leaders.

This is a menu for Discords onboarding process showing the types of skills and interests volunteers can choose from.
This is a menu on discord that shows what you want to do with our community such as being a volunteer, attending events, learning, or just lurking.

Our platform for creative community solutions is centered around volunteer opportunities that address critical social issues. We're revolutionizing volunteering through Discord, where you can experience:

Volunteering your way.

Our organization was created to connect creative passions to make voice meaningful change for our community and for those who are voiceless. 

Free to Join

We will never require a purchase or suggest a donation to be a member of our program. We value your time and contributions as a part of our community.

Pause. Anxiety Free

Everyone needs a break. We believe in volunteer autonomy and the priorities should always be set on you. Take the time you need to focus on your personal and professional commitments, just let us know when you are ready to start again. 

Creatively Practical

We believe in empowering our team to achieve what's best for their personal goals and career.

This shows how your participation is recognized in levels so as you post and contribute on discord the more rewards and acknowledgement you receive.
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