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Volunteer Opportunities in Nature of Sound's Gaming & Esports Department

Banner displaying 'Join Our Esports and Gaming Team as a Volunteer' with the Nature of Sound logo on the right and an emblem representing the Esports & Gaming Department with a game controller on the left.

Are you ready to level up your involvement in the gaming community? Nature of Sound is on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals to join our Gaming and Esports Department. We're creating positive spaces for gamers, hosting thrilling esports events, and coaching the next generation of esports champions.


Nature of Sound's Gaming and Esports Department merges competitive spirit with community impact. We offer a platform for gamers and esports enthusiasts to connect, compete, and create change.

Getting Involved

Plug in and power up with us in three easy steps:

  1. Learn: Dive into the heart of our mission on our Volunteer Page.

  2. Apply: Ready to play? Complete our volunteer application.

  3. Connect: Get involvedand begin your journey on our Discord server.

Why Game with Us?

We're not just playing games; we're crafting experiences that drive social change. Our events spotlight issues close to the gaming community, including abuse and exploitation.

Addressing the Core Challenge

From esports tournaments to charity streams, we leverage the universal language of gaming to unite players and spectators in the fight against societal challenges.

Our Unique Hybrid Model

We're pioneering a hybrid model that integrates live gaming events with digital narratives. Your role could range from strategic gameplay to live event coordination or streaming tech.

Featured Quests:

  • Esports tournaments and leagues

  • Charity gaming streams

  • Educational gaming workshops

  • Gaming community outreach

How You Can Contribute

Whether you're an aspiring esports athlete, a strategic coach, or an event organizing wizard, we need your skills:

  • Event Organizer: Plan and execute esports events that captivate and engage.

  • Coach: Train our players with strategies and skills to excel in competitive play.

  • Competitor: Represent us in tournaments and help promote a positive gaming culture.


As a representative of our mission:

  • Maintain a positive public image

  • Uphold professionalism

  • Show willingness to learn

  • Be team-oriented


  • Must be over 18

  • Have internet access

  • A passion for gaming

  • Commit 1-2 hours for meeting/planning


  • Effective communication

  • Reliable follow-through on accepted tasks

  • Participate in Events

Join our Discord Community

Ready to make a difference in the gaming world? Connect with us on Discord, where strategies are crafted, and game plans are set into motion.

Ready to Press Start? Volunteer in Gaming & Esports

If you're game for making an impact, join us today. Volunteer in Gaming & Esports to create experiences where every click, every command, and every victory contributes to a better world.

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