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A Collection of our current projects and fundraising opportunities...  
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Coalition Building

Solano Shelter for survivors of Human Trafficking.

The Solano Anti-Trafficking Coalition is seeking the creation of multiple emergency shelters and affordable housing projects for survivors of human trafficking across Solano County in the cities of Vallejo, Vacaville, and Fairfield.  The management and services of the shelter will be delegated to nonprofits and providers that can best assist survivors, people of color, and LGBTQIA+ community.

Shelter and Affordable Housing

Grant Funded
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Lost Youth Mural

Mural dedicated to Solano black youth lost to gun violence

On December 24th, 2018 a 17-year-old black youth was shot and killed in Vacaville on Christmas Eve. 
Essien  J. Edokpayi (E-DOE-PI-AY) lost his life in a tragic end to gun violence. Our goal is to create a mural to recognize Essien's name and memory.

Solano Local Art Project


Funding Status

Image by Andy Benham

Solano Film Vault

Film Collection of volunteer work, documentaries, and community events.

The creation of the Solano Film Vault is the result of our efforts to focus on community awareness. Solano is very dear to our hearts and operations as it is our home.

Community Documentary Projects


Funding Status

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