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TraffickCam the Fight Against Trafficking: Hotel Documentation Initiative

Updated: Jun 17

TraffickCam the Fight Against Trafficking: Hotel Documentation Initiative

Introduction: In the digital age, technology can be a powerful ally in the battle against human trafficking. The Solano Anti-Trafficking Coalition, recognizing the potential of tech-based solutions, is proud to introduce our latest initiative - leveraging the TraffickCam app to help identify and rescue victims of trafficking in hotels.

Understanding the Challenge: Hotels are unfortunately common venues for human trafficking activities. Traffickers often use hotel rooms to exploit their victims, making it challenging to identify and rescue them. This is where technology steps in.

The Role of TraffickCam: TraffickCam is an innovative application that allows travelers to upload photos of their hotel rooms. These images are then used to create a database that law enforcement can use to compare against photos found in trafficking investigations. This comparison can help locate victims and traffickers, providing crucial leads in rescue operations.

How the Initiative Works:

  1. Awareness and Participation: We're reaching out to hotels, travelers, and the general public to encourage the use of TraffickCam. By spreading awareness about the app and its purpose, we hope to build a vast database of hotel room images.

  2. Collaboration with Hotels: We're partnering with hotels across Solano County to promote the use of TraffickCam. Participating hotels will inform guests about the app and its role in combating trafficking.

  3. Training and Education: Our team is conducting workshops and training sessions for hotel staff to recognize signs of trafficking and understand how they can contribute to this initiative.

The Impact of Your Contributions: Every photo uploaded to TraffickCam enriches the database, increasing the chances of locating and rescuing victims. By simply taking a few minutes to snap and upload pictures of your hotel room, you can contribute to a larger effort in combating human trafficking.

Your Role: Everyone can be a part of this initiative. Whether you're a frequent traveler, a hotel owner, or just someone passionate about fighting trafficking, you can contribute. Download the TraffickCam app, spread the word, and get involved.

Overview: The Hotel Documentation Initiative is a testament to how technology can be harnessed for the greater good. In this fight against human trafficking, every effort counts, and your participation in this tech-driven solution can make a real difference. Together, we can turn hotel rooms from places of exploitation into pivotal points of rescue.

For more information on TraffickCam and how to participate, visit

Join us in this innovative approach to combating human trafficking. Every photo, every effort, and every individual counts in this crucial battle.

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