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About Us
Nature of Sound is a nonprofit organization based in Solano County, California. We use creative and innovative talents as a means of bringing communities and businesses together to support charitable causes that address critical social issues. By providing a platform for creative expression and entertainment, we aim to create meaningful connections and drive positive change in our community.
Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to use the power of creativity and community engagement to address critical issues and drive positive change. We do this through the presentation of projects, workshops, and events that connect people with charitable causes and opportunities to volunteer. By fostering a sense of connection and purpose, we aim to improve community well-being and promote economic development.


Our vision is for a harmonious community where creative expression is valued and supported, and where the diversity of the population drives entrepreneurship and philanthropy. We envision a community where the youth are enriched and empowered, and where volunteerism is widespread and inclusive. We aim to create a supportive environment that promotes the personal and professional development of all its citizens.

"Guidance and coordination is our highest priority."

Hassan Sabbagh

Executive Director / Founder

"Nature of Sound was founded with the belief that creative expression and entertainment can be used to make a positive impact in the world through charity. We strive to create a sense of community and connection with our audience, while also addressing important social issues through a lens of pop culture. By harnessing the power of creativity, we aim to empower individuals and bring about meaningful change."

"In-Service for the youth of the world."


DA Recognition of Partnership
Thank you assemblymen _frazier_jim for the certificate of Recognition it was an honor to be nominate
Thank you Bill Dodd, Susan Bonilla, and Lois Wolk for the Certificate of Recognition it was a honor
Thank you congressmen _repgaramendi for the congressional commendation it was a honor to be nominate
Thank you _childrensnurturingproject and SKIP for the #Championsforchildren #awards it was an honor

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The charitable causes we support are chosen based on the critical issues we identify within our community and through our partnerships.

Charitable Causes

We are committed to promoting youth engagement and empowerment through our outreach programs. These programs offer creative volunteer opportunities and services that are tailored to the individual passions and interests of young people. By fostering a sense of purpose and connection, we hope to inspire the next generation to get involved in and support our charitable causes.

One of our main charitable focuses is supporting victims of crime, including those affected by domestic violence, child abuse, and human trafficking. We promote nonprofit and government programs that provide aid and support to these individuals, and we also work to raise public awareness and engage the community through outreach efforts.

"We support nonprofit, local, and government programs that cater to individuals with special needs. We strive to document the services these programs offer so that families across the county can learn more about the resources available to them.

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