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IGNITE ART IS POWER Creative Workshop Partnership

We are excited to be collaborating again with the Solano County Office of Education in presenting a creative workshop series for students across Solano County.

The ART IS POWER SPEAKER SERIES is a collection of workshops that focus on various forms of art such as; painting, poetry, songwriting, and more! These workshops are a FREE opportunity for youth in middle and high school who are interested in tapping into their inner artist.

To learn more about the ART IS POWER SPEAKER SERIES please visit the Solano County Office of Education website.


If interested in any of the upcoming events, click the link to register!


March 31st Ignite Poetry with D.Lang

May 16th Ignite Art with Hailey Khawaja June 2nd Ignite Character Design with Ryan McCulloch June 17th Ignite Dance with Instructor Sara Templeton with The Dance Floor Studio! June 23rd Ignite Hip-hop Culture and Activism with Godfrey Ramos June 30th Ignite Gaming with Tips to Streaming on Twitch with Max Lion.

This concludes the 2022 Art is power Workshop!

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