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🏆Fortnite Tournament Winners held on February 26th 2024🎉

Updated: Mar 23

🎉 Congratulations to the Champions of Our February 26th Fortnite Tournament! 🎉

The battlefield was fierce, but through skill, strategy, and teamwork, our top warriors emerged victorious. We're thrilled to announce and celebrate the top three teams of this unforgettable tournament:

🥇 First Place: Ezvak and Kodo_fr 🌟 Each member takes home $25 in V-Bucks, courtesy of our generous sponsor, Creative Future LLC.
🥈 Second Place: Wavyy lol.💫 A valiant solo player who battled fiercely to secure $15 in V-Bucks. Your bravery and skill are commendable!
🥉 Third Place: LavenderNest985 & JXTEI- Each hero earns $10 in V-Bucks, proving that teamwork and determination pay off.
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❤️A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Sponsor, Future Creative LLC

This event wouldn't have been possible without the support and generosity of Future Creative LLC, founded by the talented Max Lion. Their dedication to enhancing gaming experiences and commitment to our community's safety and education is truly inspiring.


💸Survey for Extra Rewards💸

We're committed to making our gaming events as safe and enjoyable as possible. Participate in our brief survey to share your feedback and receive an additional $5 in V-Bucks as a token of our appreciation.


🛡️🎮About the SafeHaven Program

In partnership with Fairfield PAL, this tournament was a pilot for our SafeHaven program, aimed at enhancing online and physical safety for youth in gaming. Our goals are to foster awareness of digital safety, strengthen community engagement, and promote safe gaming practices. Through these fun and interactive events, we hope to educate our youth on the risks of online predators and exploitation, creating meaningful conversations and positive experiences in their favorite digital playgrounds.

Looking Forward: Your participation and enthusiasm have made this event a landmark in our journey toward a safer, more engaged gaming community. Stay tuned for more events, and let's continue to game for good!

📧 For inquiries and more information, contact us at

Follow us on our social media channels to stay updated with upcoming events and announcements!

Thank You for Gaming with Us! Let’s Keep Building Safe and Positive Gaming Experiences Together.


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