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SafeHaven Panel Discussions with Jesse Hill on February 7th 2024

Updated: Apr 4

Unlocking Safe Spaces in Gaming: Join Our SafeHaven Panel Discussion

📅Date: February 7th, 2024 Time: 6PM 🎞️Video: Early Access on Patreon YouTube 🔉Audio: Spotify Apple Google Amazon RadioPublic IHeartRadio
Promotional banner for 'Deep Dive into Nature of Sound' panel discussion podcasts, featuring a sprouting music note symbolizing growth and creativity, alongside icons representing event and film production, highlighting the collaborative nature of the series with leaders and partners of Nature of Sound.

Empowering Play: The SafeHaven Initiative

Join us for a riveting panel discussion with Jesse Hill, the visionary behind Nature of Sound's SafeHaven Gaming Program. Discover the groundbreaking strategies being implemented to safeguard young gamers and foster a community free from exploitation and abuse.

Why This Matters

Our first session kicks off with a deep dive into the SafeHaven project - a sanctuary within the gaming world where safety, education, and empowerment are paramount. About our Speakers

A smiling Jesse Hill stands outdoors, casually dressed in a light blue t-shirt, with a background of lush greenery and a textured tree trunk.

Jesse Hill stands as the driving force behind the SafeHaven project, leveraging his extensive background in international esports. His resume includes strategic roles with industry stalwarts like Blizzard Entertainment, a Fortune 500 company, and involvement with leading names like The Pokemon Company International and Wizards of the Coast. Jesse's deep understanding of the esports arena and his vast network within the gaming industry are pivotal in guiding SafeHaven towards its goal of creating a safer, more inclusive gaming environment.

A professional portrait of Hassan Sabbagh, Founder of Nature of Sound, dressed in a light brown blazer over a black turtleneck. He is seated and looks confidently towards the camera, with a warm, approachable smile.

Hassan Sabbagh, Founder of Nature of Sound and a dedicated community leader, channels his experience as a survivor and his passion for video games into fighting human trafficking. From establishing impactful esports events to leading the Solano Anti-Trafficking Coalition, Hassan's work at the intersection of advocacy, creativity, and social entrepreneurship empowers communities and drives change. His vision transforms adversity into action, making a harmonious impact through the power of the arts.


Topics We'll Tackle:

  • Creating Safe Spaces: Exploring the mechanisms and safeguards integrated into our gaming environments.

  • Education & Awareness: Strategies to educate players on recognizing and combating exploitation.

  • Community Action: The role of the gaming community in advocacy and support.

  • Survivor Support: How gaming can be therapeutic and empowering for survivors.

  • Industry Collaboration: Balancing business with social responsibility within the gaming sector.

Learn more about SafeHaven:
The SafeHaven Gaming logo
At Nature of Sound, we've recognized the importance of supporting local gaming ecosystems, ensuring that the venues become sanctuaries of safety, especially for younger gamers. The Safehaven Gaming Program aims to cultivate trust while fostering the growth of businesses, esports venues, and hobby shops. Click here to learn more

Join our Team: Grow SafeHaven Network
Inspired by the SafeHaven panel discussions? We need your help to extend the reach of our SafeHaven network into game shops, esports venues, and communities in your area. If you're passionate about creating safe, inclusive gaming environments and eager to contribute to a meaningful cause, we invite you to join our team. Click here to learn more

Mark Your Calendars

Don’t miss out on this insightful series. Stay tuned for our upcoming sessions, including:

  • February 28th: A conversation with Dr. Joyce Mikal-Flynn on survivor empowerment through Post Traumatic Growth.

  • March 6th: Next SafeHaven Discussion

  • March 13th: Insights from Kari Cordero on the collaboration between Sane-Sart and Nature of Sound.

Be Part of the Change

This is more than a discussion; it's a call to action. Your participation is crucial. Together, we can harness the power of gaming to make a real-world impact.

For a full schedule and more details, please visit Nature of Sound's Event Page.

Let's press play on change and level up our community efforts. See you at the panel!z

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