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Resolume: Now available in our Film Program

Updated: Jun 18

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We would like to recognize the Resolume development team for their generous donation of software to our Film program. Resolume has been a staple in our event production, giving us the ability to project and design images for bands and fundraisers. The software that they have kindly donated has aided in creating a creative space and atmosphere for our community.

Resolume Avenue is a software that allows performers and video artists to create and showcase their visuals with the touch of a button. The software that was donated to us is known as Arena 6, it shares the same qualities as Avenue, however, it does have more advanced options when it comes to projection mapping and blending projectors.

Arena 6 is available for volunteers to VJ and design creative effects and visuals for music events and more.

Visit to learn more.

If you would like to know more about Resolume, you can visit

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