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Launch of the Solano Anti-Trafficking Coalition

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

The creation of the Solano Anti-Trafficking Coalition is the result of our efforts in addressing the epidemic of human trafficking in our community. Our goal is simple. We aim to engage and spread awareness to our community, specifically the youth, on how we can fight back against the tide of human trafficking. We will be working on this coalition with our partners, the Solano Family Justice Center, to lead the community through a diverse range of direct and indirect activities that are creative, comprehensive and long-lasting. The coalition will be open to all those who are interested in aiding our cause in anyway whether its donating, participating, or just wanting to learn more..

In 2016, our charity has led the "Stop the Traffic" campaign across Solano County, which spread awareness of human trafficking through music. Local Solano bands helped make this a reality by participating in our campaign and educating their peers. Our organization was awarded Champion for Children in Solano County due to the success of our campaign.

We aim to add creativity to all our activities which will consist of; Grassroots, Art, Film and Entertainment. We will be creating more events like the ones we've had in the past to engage the community even further. We now Provide Crisis Line Support With our Partners SANE-SART This page is dedicated to the County of Solano in California, USA.

If you are interested in volunteering to support projects like these please visit:

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