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Esports Arena Oakland: Creative Space Partnership

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Nature of Sound has had the pleasure and honor of partnering with Esports Arena Oakland in hosting a Blizzard Entertainment inspired gaming event.

Here at Nature of Sound, we focus on trying to reach the youth through platforms and events that they are able to not only enjoy but also to participate and gain information from. With the help of Esports Arena Oakland we were able to connect the gaming community with our charitable cause. Our heroic values are linked to those of the ones represented by the games and the characters that gamers are able to relate to.

By hosting these events, we aim to spread the various ways of being able to connect to charitable causes while simultaneously decreasing the lawlessness of our community in general.

We are excited to be partnering with Esports Arena Oakland even more in the future, and we hope to see all the gamers in our events to come.

For more information about our Youth and Volunteer program visit

For more information about Esports Arena in Oakland visit

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