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Hearthstone: Adventure for Charity

Updated: Jan 12

Nature of Sound's volunteer program will be hosting a FREE weekly event, every Tuesday. It will be held in our partner creative space area Esports Arena in Oakland, CA. These events will give our volunteers the opportunity to engage in quests and activities and it will also grab the attention of local businesses and gamers for donations to our charity's cause. This event is a community outreach event that will help cultivate our community and gain more volunteers to engage in our other programs and projects. The more volunteers, participants and donations, the more the event will reflect that support and will grow into our hub of operations.

This free event is the first step in our outreach program to local gamers and individuals who are passionate about Blizzard Entertainment products and games. The main focus of the event will be Hearthstone, however, other Blizzard titles will be available.

We hope to achieve greater volunteer engagement through this medium of entertainment, and with time create a local impact on the youth of the community.

This event will provide a fun and safe environment where everyone is able to participate. Volunteer opportunities will be available, more information can be found in person at the event or online on how to become part of the volunteer program.

Join us on this Adventure for Charity!

255 2nd St.
Oakland, CA 94607
Date and Time Every Friday @ 7:00PM This event has been discontinued due to Esports Arena Closure during Covid19 pandemic.

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