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Nature of Sound: Our Pledge for Open Source Financial Transparency

At Nature of Sound, transparency isn't just a policy—it's a core value. We understand that trust is the foundation of any community, and we're committed to nurturing trust with our volunteers, staff, and supporters. Our approach to financial transparency ensures every contributor knows how their support impacts our mission.

Monthly Financial Panel Discussions Starting this month, we're introducing monthly financial panel discussions, slated for the first Monday of each month. These discussions, open to our community, will delve into our financial processes, allocation of funds, and planning for future projects. It's a space for open dialogue, questions, and insights into the fiscal health and integrity of our organization.

Open Source Accounting We believe in the power of open source as a tool for accountability. We are committed to making our accounting processes more accessible, our goal is to empower our community to understand and contribute to dialogue regarding the financial stewardship of the resources entrusted to us.

Annual Financial Statements Release

A green financial chart scaling upwards

In keeping with our dedication to transparency, we will release our annual financial statements below. These documents are produced through our QuickBooks Bookkeeping services.

Inclusive Engagement We invite our volunteers and tiered donors to join these financial discussions. It's an opportunity for our community to engage directly with the inner workings of Nature of Sound and to ask the hard questions. This open forum is part of our pledge to ensure that every dollar is spent in alignment with our mission and values.

Join the Conversation

We are more than a nonprofit organization; we are a community united by a passion for positive change through creativity and sound. By opening our books, we're inviting you into the heart of our operation. Let's build integrity and trust, together.

Support Our Cause
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Explore our Patreon tiers and learn more about how you can get involved as a Donor through Nature of Sound's Patreon.

Your involvement, whether as a volunteer, staff member, or donor, is the melody that harmonizes our efforts. Be a part of our symphony of transparency and join us on this journey of openness and accountability.

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