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2021 Financial Report

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

A green graph showing positive net growth for the organization.
Financial Chart

As Nature of Sound grows we are committed to creating a transparent open-sourced financial system. This is why we will be releasing our 2021 financial report publicly. Our philosophy behind the distribution of management-level information is that it should be made available to each volunteer and community stakeholder. It is our hope that we can provide more detailed levels of reporting to our community in the near future.

Nature of Sound Inc 2021 financial report
Download PDF • 129KB
This is the title page for the 2021 Financial report by Nature of Sound nonprofit organization released on July 5th, 2022
2021 Financial Report
This is the second page of the 2021 financial report with the table of contents showing the statement of activity on page 3 and the statement of financial position page 4.
2021 Financial Report Table of Contents

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