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Discord Live Concert with Valley Taylor on January 27th 2024

Updated: Feb 22

A flyer for the valley taylor live stream concert on discord set for January 27th

🎵 Nature of Sound Presents Valley Taylor: Virtual Concert Event 🌌

📅 Join us on Discord, January 27th, 2024, for a virtual concert featuring Valley Taylor, known for their introspective alternative indie lo-fi music. This unique event held during Human Trafficking Awareness Month merges enchanting melodies with social advocacy. About Valley Taylor

The photograph displays Valley Taylor seated on the floor, leaning against a pale wall. He sports dark hair, a relaxed white shirt, and denim jeans. His posture is casual, with one knee raised and his hands resting on his knee, conveying a sense of ease. The image carries a vintage feel, likely from film photography, indicated by the grainy texture and the subtle warmth of the lighting. His expression is contemplative, with a gentle smile, and he appears to be gazing off-camera, suggesting a moment of introspection or casual conversation. The simplicity of the setting focuses attention on the subject, making the image feel personal and candid.

Valley Taylor is an introspective alternative indie lo-fi musician known for their captivating compositions and evocative soundscapes. With a rotating cast of musicians backing them up, they occasionally emerge from their creative sanctuary to perform live shows, creating intimate and unforgettable experiences.

  • 🎶 Genre: Alternative Indie Lo-Fi

  • 🌟 Themes: Emotions, Self-Discovery

  • 💡 Performance: Intimate, DIY style

  • 📺 Acclaim for Film/TV compositions

Artist Links: Instagram YouTube Spotify BandCamp AppleMusic Event Highlights

  • 💬 Q&A with Valley Taylor

  • 🌍 Discuss music's role in social change

  • 🤝 Support Nature of Sound's mission

Be Part of the Experience

  • 🖥️ Virtual concert on Discord

  • 🗨️ Engage with artists in our community

  • 🎉 Unique blend of music and activism

🌟 Don't miss this fusion of art and purpose with Valley Taylor Live on Discord! 🎤🌱 Live Stream will be uploaded on YouTube a week after the event for those who miss the live session.

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How to Join the Virtual Concert Event on Discord

  1. Set Up Your Discord Account: If you're new to Discord, sign up for an account at During the setup process, you will need to verify your account with a phone number to ensure authenticity.

  2. Join the Nature of Sound Server: Click on this link Virtual Concert on Nature of Sound's Server

  3. Complete the Onboarding Process: Once you're in, take a moment to read through our server rules and guidelines. Afterwards you will be presented with onboarding questions like What do you want to do. You must select Attend Events. Then it will ask about your skills and interests, scroll down and hit skip this is for joining our community as a volunteer.

  4. Navigate to the Event Channel: Look for the Main Stage channel where the virtual concert will be hosted. This is where you'll be able to watch the performance and engage with the community.

🌱 Supporting Social Causes with Nature of Sound This January is human trafficking awareness month, so we're not just streaming live music; we're amplifying the voices against it in our community. Nature of Sound, with its core mission to initiate genuine conversations and raise awareness through the arts, presents an evening with Valley Taylor, a collaboration that stands for more than just entertainment. It stands for a movement. How you can Contribute to the Cause While entry to this virtual gathering is free, your support can make waves. Contributions to Nature of Sound help us sustain our efforts in empowering survivors and artists to battle human trafficking and other social causes fostering a community of informed advocates. Together, let's turn the tide Donate Today

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