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It's Official: You've Been Invited to Join Our Staff. 🌳🎵

Welcome to the Nature of Sound Family! 🎶

Whether you're joining us part-time or full-time, your journey with us is paramount. Below you'll find everything to get started smoothly, including details on your email setup, understanding your role, and the tools we use. 🌍 Our Pledge to Diversity, Inclusion, and Empowerment

At Nature of Sound, we value diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Our commitment to you includes:

A High-Performing, Diverse Workforce: Attracting and nurturing talent from various walks of life.

Fostering an Inclusive Culture: Collaboration, flexibility, and fairness are at our core.

Making Diversity a Strategic Priority: Integrating diversity across all organizational aspects.

Engaging the Entire Workforce: Embracing and celebrating our collective strength.

Join us in making an impact on the communities we serve.

🌳🌱 Joining the Team: Understanding Roles

  • Organizer Roles: Lead, manage, and coordinate staff and volunteers.

  • Staff Roles: Aid organizers with project deadlines, events, and tasks.

  • Volunteer Roles: Contribute to various projects, especially those targeting social issues. Note: Our goal is to empower our teams for project success.

📧 Getting Your Official @NatureofSound.Org Email Here’s a simple guide to set up your email:

1. Check Your Personal Email: Find our Google Suite invitation. 2. Look in Spam or Junk Folders: If you don't see the invitation.

3. Accept the Invitation: Set up your Nature of Sound email.

Google Enterprise Disclaimer

We suggest using Chrome for signing in, due to settings that allow us to manage organization-related data on your device.

Successfully Accessing Your Email

Various methods to access Gmail are provided in your dashboard, including the Gmail button and the dotted menu button on the top right.

Need Help with Gmail?

Just click "Get Started" when you first log in. It will show you the ropes.

Successfully Accessing Your Email

Various methods to access Gmail are provided in your dashboard, including the Gmail button and the dotted menu button on the top right.

Once You’ve Accessed Your Email

You'll see invitations and granted access benefits like Canva Pro and other industry-standard software.

🏦 Smooth Payroll with QuickBooks at Nature of Sound Inc.

Here's how to get started: Here's how to get started with QuickBooks, including understanding the differences between W2 for employees and W9s for contractors.

1. Accept the QuickBooks Invitation

2. Create your Account

3. Start Your Payroll Setup

4. Enter Your Information

5. Setup Direct Deposit and Tax Information Note: Complete this step before moving to Quickbooks Time.

🕰️ Navigating QuickBooks Time: Your Comprehensive Guide

Ensure accuracy by:

  • Choosing the Correct "Customer Code" Project: Assign paid hours correctly for budgeting.

  • Reaching Out if Unsure: Contact your organizer if questions arise.

  • Keeping Personal Records and Communicating Work Hours

  • Mindful Time Tracking: Discuss with your organizer if things take longer than expected.

💼 Working for Nonprofits: What Sets Nature of Sound Inc. Apart

  • Competitive wages, community focus, skill development, networking, and unique offerings.

  • Career Growth: With us and independently.

🎵 Nature of Sound's Commitment to Innovation and Impact

We empower positive change through diverse programs and collaboration. Ready to make your mark? Join our vibrant community of change-makers at Nature of Sound today!

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