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Solano Anti-Trafficking Coalition
The Solano Anti-Trafficking Coalition consists of survivors, advocates, local agencies, youth, and nonprofits. The coalition is led by Nature of Sound Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides creative community solutions to address the epidemic of human trafficking in the Solano community.
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Founded in 2020

The Solano Anti-Trafficking Coalition includes representatives from the Solano District Attorney's Office, Solano Family Justice Center, Solano Pride Center, Workforce development board, Matt Garcia Foundation, Travis Credit Union, and City Councilmembers and police departments from across Solano County.

Our Goal

Our goal is to establish communication across Solano County and create a diverse range of activities and projects that are creative, comprehensive, and long-lasting toward the needs of Solano County in combating human trafficking and exploitation.

The coalition has put forward a set of Community solutions that will further support Solano in empowering survivors of labor and sexual exploitation.

Plans are underway to build shelters and affordable housing for survivors across Solano County. Our top priority is providing survivors with access to comprehensive health and rehabilitative services, housing, and valuable resources.

We call the public to action

by working with communities to create awareness and advocate for the needs of those victimized by human trafficking. We have future plans for public mobilization to, directly and indirectly, combat human trafficking through events that serve purpose, awareness, and education all year round.

Collection is key in our goal of comprehensive solutions and determining the level of services required for our survivors in Solano County. We can identify gaps in services and share data with neighboring counties and coalitions by collecting data from our partners across Solano County. 

In order to understand the needs of our survivors, we must scale services to meet the needs of our community. That is why we are dedicated to growth and transparency, as a publicly funded organization we plan to redistribute funds to our partners across the county and keep you in the loop.

community Solutions


A program created by survivors of exploitation, to assist in the journey towards healing and stability, linking participants to essential services and support systems.


Collecting data plays a crucial role in monitoring progress in the fight against human trafficking and evaluating the success of our programs.


The redistribution and proper allocation of funds is crucial for the success of our coalition. As a member of the community, it is important for you to have visibility into how funds are being utilized. We are dedicated to ensuring transparency through regular financial reporting and updates.

Coming Soon


The Solano Anti-Trafficking Coalition (SATC) is committed to effectively addressing the issue of human trafficking through a multi-faceted approach. By educating and engaging with the community, SATC empowers individuals to take proactive steps to prevent the escalation of trafficking in their own community.

Events Coming Soon

Donate/partner with us

The Solano Anti-Trafficking Coalition is able to serve within Solano County, in large part due to donations from small businesses, organizations and people like you. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation with us today through our Patreon. Each tier donation supports our involvement in combating human trafficking with the Solano Anti-Trafficking Coalition and its goals of creating a shelter in Vacaville, Fairfield and Vallejo with long-term affordable housing. 

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