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Solano Human Trafficking

24/7 Crisis Line: (530) 796 1889

If you or a loved one is facing a Human Trafficking related Crisis there are services available at no cost.

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Basic Services

Food Donation Volunteers

-Emergency Shelter

-Food & Clothing

-Longterm Housing

People During Workshop

Medical Services

-Drug & Trauma Rehabilitation 

Attentive Therapist

Support Systems

-Advocate Support

-Survivor Counseling 
-Faith-based Support
-Identity-focused Support
(Ethnicity, Minority, and LGBTQIA+)

Job Interview

Life Skills

-Cooking and Cleaning
-Financial Planning

-Job / Career Training

Legal Services 

The pathway to becoming a survivor is open to you. Call now. 
(530) 796 1889

The Solano Human Trafficking Crisis Line is managed by SaneSart in a collaborative program in partnership with Nature of Sound through The Solano Anti-Trafficking Coalition (SATC). 

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