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Shelter Program

The Solano Anti-Trafficking Coalition's proposed Emergency Shelter and Affordable Housing Operations project aims to establish community collaborations and partnerships to extend services to survivors of human trafficking.

Let's Talk.

Solano has a bed problem. 
Let's do something about it.

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Survivors of human trafficking in Solano County often find themselves homeless after law enforcement rescue efforts due to a lack of shelter availability. To address this critical issue, SATC has access to shelter  survivors with provide support, protection, and access to essential resources.

To serve our diverse community optimally within Solano County, we will creatively utilize existing community resources and work in close collaboration with local organizations, including Sane-Sart and Hazel's tranquility Place in order to provide the highest quality of services for survivors. This will include secure safe spaces, access to healthcare and mental rehabilitation, vocational training, and faith-based support.

Created by a Survivor for Survivors

Nicole McCall

Survivor & Author

Meet Nicole

This initiative is a dream for Nicole McCall. She is a survivor turned advocate.

An Author and national speaker as seen on The Mel Robbins Show, Nicole is an expert in abuse prevention, leadership development, and victim services. She brings guidance and compassion to the heart of this project. 

Life Outside the Game:
A Sex Trafficking Testimony

The beginning phase of the program starts a pathway to trauma recovery and stability. Once a survivor enters our program services to be established are:

  • Connecting survivors to support systems by choice of preferred faith and identity.

  • Aiding in the access to healthcare by developing partnerships to provide medical services such as mental and drug rehabilitation.​

The last phase for survivors after they overcome their internal struggle will be up for consideration for a long-term stay.

  • Allowing up to 1 year-long stay to readjust and conquer traumas to then learn life skills and job training.

  • Workshops will be facilitated through partnerships for building life skills such as cooking, cleaning, and self-care. Including advanced skills such as finances, technology, and career preparation.

Blue Tiny Home Concept
Red Tiny home Concept

The concept of our shelter will use a modular design with shipping containers for its layout. Our shelter and affordable housing project will be created out of the most cost-effective materials like shipping containers for example. These affordable tiny homes will also be full-fledged homes with a bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom. 

Fundraising Goals

We will add more goals as we progress through fundraising. These numbers are based on pure public fundraising so even if we are not fully funded we will continue to seek funds through grants and corporate sponsors. 

  • Project Funded at $10,000 / 335 Monthly Bronze Pledges 

  • Unlocked Features will be posted once we reach our funding goal...

Container Home _ Shelter Project (6).jpg
Container Home _ Shelter Project (2).jpg
Container Home _ Shelter Project (4).jpg
Container Home _ Shelter Project (3).jpg

While SATC pursues grant funding for the construction of the shelter, SATC also seeks donations through individual and small businesses through its Patreon. See below for monthly pledge levels. 

Donate/partner with us

The Solano Anti-Trafficking Coalition is able to serve within Solano County, in large part due to donations from small businesses, organizations and people like you. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation with us today through our Patreon. Each tier donation supports our involvement in combating human trafficking with the Solano Anti-Trafficking Coalition and its goals of creating a shelter in Vacaville, Fairfield and Vallejo with long-term affordable housing. 

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