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Our First Live Music Benefit Show; Rock The Sport; April 22, 2015

Updated: Jun 18

Nature of Sound Presents Rock the Sport

Nature of Sound's Debut Event Strikes a Chord for Sports Education

On the cool evening of April 22, 2015, the melodies of change strummed through the halls of Solano Community College (SCC). "Rock the Sport," our first benefit show, reverberated with the spirited tunes of local bands united for one reason, to support sports education. The Line-Up That Rocked the Cause

The stage was ablaze with the electrifying performances of bands who generously shared their art for the benefit of SCC’s sports department and the rugby club. The lineup featured: Ghost Color IV Orpheus Tarzandragon Think Again A Cause Beyond Music

"Rock the Sport" wasn't just a concert; it was a clarion call for community involvement and a testament to what we stand for at Nature of Sound. This event underscored our commitment to fostering opportunities in music, art, and film, while also supporting educational initiatives within our community.

A Community United

The event, organized by Hassan Sabbagh, resonated with the collective spirit of SCC. We witnessed students, faculty, and music enthusiasts come together, not just to enjoy an evening of live music, but to contribute to a noble cause. The free event welcomed donations, and the generosity of the attendees was a powerful reminder of the community's commitment to education and sportsmanship.

The Legacy Continues

While the echoes of "Rock the Sport" have since faded into fond memories, the impact of that night endures. It was a milestone for Nature of Sound, laying the groundwork for the myriad of community-driven events that would follow. It exemplified how a community could come together to celebrate, support, and uplift one another through the universal language of music.

As we look back, we're filled with gratitude for the bands, the volunteers, and every attendee who made "Rock the Sport" a harmonious success. It's a reminder that when we unite for a cause, the rhythm of change is unstoppable. Event Photos:

Press Release:

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