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Join Our Threads Discussion on Human Trafficking in Solano County, Jan 11, 2024

Updated: Jan 18

Promotional banner for an online chat event featuring the Threads social media logo. The text reads 'Join our chat on January 11th 2024, Discussion on Human Trafficking in Solano County' against a black background with stylized design elements emphasizing the discussion's importance and focus.
📆Date: January 11th, 2024 📍Location: Threads

As we mark Human Trafficking Awareness Day, the Solano Anti-Trafficking Coalition is hosting a vital online discussion on Threads. This platform fosters meaningful connections and discussions, and today, we utilize it to address a pressing issue that hits close to home — human trafficking in Solano County.

Embracing Dialogue on Threads Threads provides a unique avenue for conversation, free from traditional hashtags. Our discussion aims to weave together a tapestry of insights using the statement "Solano It Happens Here," which challenges the misconception that human trafficking is an issue only in far-off places. It's a stark reality within our county, and recognizing this is the first step toward change.

How to Engage:

  1. Create Your Profile: Use your Instagram account to sign up for Threads, joining a community of changemakers.

  2. Follow the Coalition: Search for and follow the Solano Anti-Trafficking Coalition on Threads to participate in our discussion. ➡️

  3. Comment and Quote Repost to Converse: We will post a series of questions aimed at exploring how best to share essential information throughout our community, especially when survivors need immediate access to trauma-informed care. You can engage by commenting your answers starting with A# "(Answer) and Quote Repost with your answer so you can share your response on your profile.

  4. Drive the Conversation: On Threads you can only add one tag that acts as a hashtag so within your posts add "SolanoItHappensHere" to align with our focus and to help dismantle myths about human trafficking in Solano County.

Your Voice Matters: Your participation is more than just a conversation; it's an action towards eradicating human trafficking in our community. By joining us in this discussion, you're contributing to a county-wide effort to spread awareness and provide life-saving information to those in need.

Remember: In times of crisis, the Solano Human Trafficking Hotline is a beacon of hope for survivors. Sharing this number is a critical step in ensuring that help is always within reach.

For real-time updates and to dive into the conversation, follow us on Threads and let's make this Human Trafficking Awareness Day a turning point in our fight against human trafficking.

For more information on how to set up your Threads profile and detailed instructions on participating, please visit Threads Setup and Participation Guide. Consider exploring this opportunity to expand the dialogue through a Threads Discussion on human trafficking in Solano County. Threads Discussion Questions:

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5

Question 6

Question 7

Question 8

Question 9

Question 10


For agencies just getting into this Discussion:

Thank you to all the agencies that participated in this year's discussion for human trafficking awareness month!

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