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How to Join Nature of Sound Virtual Events on Discord

A promotional banner with a cosmic blue background featuring the Discord logo and Nature of Sound's logo which is a sprouting seedling, symbolizing growth and connection. Text on the banner reads 'JOIN OUR VIRTUAL EVENTS ON DISCORD,' emphasizing an invitation to online events hosted by Nature of Sound on the popular communication platform Discord.

Greetings, Nature of Sound community!

Are you ready to engage with our unique blend of music and activism? Joining our virtual events on Discord is straightforward. Here's a quick guide to ensure you don't miss out on our enriching online experiences.

Step-by-Step Guide to Joining Events:

  1. Access the Onboarding Link: Begin by clicking on This link directs you to our onboarding process, which is crucial for both volunteers and guests to become active participants in our community.

  2. Choose Your Participation Type: Upon entry, select 'Participation for Events' to signal your interest in joining our virtual concerts and discussions.

  3. Skip Skills and Interest: While this section is vital for volunteers, guests can choose to skip this step.

  4. Select Your Region: This helps us understand our global reach and tailor events to diverse audiences.

  5. Head to the Main Stage: Navigate to the 'Main Stage' channel where our live events, including performances and Q&A sessions, take place.

Our Vision for Virtual Events:

At Nature of Sound, we believe in the power of music to spark social change. Our virtual concert series is more than just entertainment—it's a platform where artists and communities can collaborate on causes that matter. By attending, you're not just a spectator; you're an advocate for change.

Further Resources:
Volunteer Onboarding:
For a detailed understanding of our onboarding process and to explore volunteering opportunities, visit Nature of Sound Onboarding.
Artists and Performances
If you're an artist interested in our platform or looking to learn more about our performance opportunities, check out: Nature of Sound Performances.

We're excited to welcome you to our next event! Stay tuned for an instructional video that will walk you through these steps visually, making your onboarding experience even smoother.

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