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'Deep Dive into Nature of Sound' Leadership and Partners Panel Discussion Podcasts

Updated: Jun 17

Promotional banner for 'Deep Dive into Nature of Sound' podcasts featuring a film projector and musical note symbolizing the event and film production theme of the panel discussion series hosted by Nature of Sound.


Join us for a captivating series of panel discussions, where we'll peel back the layers of Nature of Sound's initiatives and partnerships. Each session will explore the synergies between creative arts, gaming, survivor empowerment, and the vital services we provide.


Upcoming Session:

Promotional banner for 'Deep Dive into Nature of Sound' panel discussion podcasts, featuring a sprouting music note symbolizing growth and creativity, alongside icons representing event and film production, highlighting the collaborative nature of the series with leaders and partners of Nature of Sound.

Next SafeHaven Session is on May 1st:  we invite you to dive into the world of esports and gaming with Jesse Hill, creator of SafeHaven, and Hassan Sabbagh, founder of Nature of Sound, as we unveil the SafeHaven initiative, designed to create safe gaming environments and support survivors.

Upcoming Episodes


Through these dialogues, expect to uncover the essence of our mission, the impact of our collective efforts, and how we're forging a path towards a more empathetic and proactive community. Each session will blend informative dialogue with interactive Q&A through Discord, enriching our community's understanding of vital issues. Join us to gain insights into creative arts, esports, survivor empowerment, and more.

For a Brighter Tomorrow

Our panel discussion series isn't just about conversation; it's about action. We're leveraging these discussions to inform, inspire, and ignite change. By participating, you're contributing to a larger narrative, one where creativity meets advocacy for a more informed and empowered community.

Stay tuned for more details on each event, and join us as we delve deep into the initiatives that make Nature of Sound a beacon of innovation and social change through its leaders and partners. Join the Discussion

Visit our events page to learn more and mark your calendars for these thought-provoking sessions with our upcoming panel discussions for Deep Dive into Nature of Sounds leadership and partners podcast. • Support Our Mission: Want early access to recorded sessions? Here's how you can help:

• Join Our Discord: Be part of our live panel discussions and platform engagement:

• Want to learn more about volunteering?

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