Launch of the Solano Film Vault

The creation of the Solano Film Vault is the result of our efforts to focus on community awareness. Solano is very dear to our hearts and operations as it is our home.

Our goal is to provide documentation of local services and outreach throughout social media. By creating this page, we are implementing our volunteer film program across the county. We support the Solano District Attorney's office and are an off-site partner to the Solano Family Justice Center. With reflection on the 4th Annual Elder Justice forum, we found that creating the Solano Film Vault page would be highly effective. We are proud to support #EmpoweredEldersofSolano for June's elder abuse awareness month, and our community furthermore. This page is dedicated to the County of Solano in California, USA. If you are interested in volunteering to support projects like these please visit: updated: 07/6/19

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