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get YOU Involved.

Volunteer for events & projects in your community that support our campaign against human trafficking.
(For more information please check our about us page)

Volunteer in a grassroots effort to
support the special needs families in your community.


Our music platform is designed for musicians and entertainers to use their talent in our community focused campaigns.


Take your talent to the next level

Work with like-minded peers in a local community

Use your passion to fight for charity 


Our film platform focuses on excelling your career with collaborative projects in the community to share, record, and sponsor compelling stories, campaigns, and events.


Improve your portfolio with our Film Program


Our art platform gives you the opportunity to make a difference as an artist in various mediums while making a cultural statement. 


Volunteer your skills to aid local projects that benefit the growth of the community.

Showcase your art & passion at our art shows with other local artists supporting our campaigns.


Volunteer with local gamers to help create sponsored gaming events for charity. Our participants can get involved in their community through entertainment.

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