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Unveiling Our New Initiatives: A Guide to the Solano Anti-Trafficking Coalition’s Second Phase

Updated: Jun 17

Unveiling Our New Initiatives: Anti-Trafficking Coalition’s Second Phase
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Introduction At the Solano Anti-Trafficking Coalition, we are constantly evolving to address the complex challenges of human trafficking. Our latest suite of projects and initiatives represents our unwavering commitment to innovation, collaboration, and impactful action. Here's an in-depth look at what we're rolling out:

#Solano It Happens Here
1. Hotline Awareness Campaign with Sane-Sart (530) 798-1889 📢 What Is It? Our Hotline Awareness Campaign is a multi-faceted initiative designed to promote the human trafficking hotline across Solano County. This campaign includes billboard and mural installations featuring the hotline number prominently, ensuring that this vital resource is visible and accessible to all.
Why It Matters: Raising awareness about the hotline is crucial. It’s a pivotal tool for victims seeking help and for community members reporting suspected cases of trafficking.
How We're Doing It: Along with social media kits, PSA's, billboards and murals, we're engaging the community through walks, runs, and public events, complemented by educational outreach in schools and community centers or townhalls. We also encourage online engagement through the hashtag #SolanoItHappensHere. 🔗Read more:
Empowering Survivors with Nature of Sound and Metahab
2. Survivor Empowerment Program with Metahab 💪 The Program: This partnership with Metahab focuses on aiding trauma survivors through a journey of post-traumatic growth, turning personal tragedies into sources of strength. The Approach: The program integrates Metahab’s structured healing methodologies with our community-centric ethos, offering survivors a platform to lead projects and utilize their experiences creatively. 🔗Read more:
Empowering Gaming Communities: Introducing Nature of Sound's SafeHaven Gaming Program | SafeHaven Gaming
3. Safehaven Project 🎮 Initiative Overview: In collaboration with local PAL programs and local businesses the Safehaven Project educates youth and parents on online safety in gaming and esports. The Goal: To create safe digital environments for young gamers, ensuring they can enjoy their favorite online activities without exposure to potential risks. 🔗Read more:
Traffickcam the Fight Against Trafficking
4. Hotel Documenting Initiative 🏨 What It Is: This initiative uses the Traffickcam App to identify potentially exploited individuals in hotels, leveraging technology to assist in anti-trafficking efforts.
Why It's Important: Hotels are often unwitting venues for trafficking. This technology-driven approach helps in early identification and intervention. 🔗Read more:

Unveiling the Victim Referr
5. Victim Referral System 🚀 The System: A HIPAA-compliant application designed to facilitate rapid and coordinated care for trafficking victims, reducing service activation times.
The Impact: By streamlining the process of connecting survivors with essential services, we aim to alleviate the burden on advocates and expedite support to those in need. 🔗Read more:

Overview These initiatives represent our holistic approach to combating human trafficking. From technological solutions to community engagement and survivor empowerment, each project is a step towards a safer, more informed, and empowered Solano County. Join us in this journey of transformation and support – because every effort counts in the fight against human trafficking.

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