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Painted Brick Wall

Remembering Essien

Creating art in downtown Vacaville, California to commemorate the life of Essien J. Edokpayi. 


On December 24, 2018, 17-year-old Essien J. Edokpayi was shot and killed in Vacaville, California. Charges were never filed against his killer, then-39 year-old Daignet Montoya. 

This project seeks to memorialize Essien, to remind the community of the young life that was senselessly taken. What do we want to say about Essien as a person? 

In 2021, volunteers, artists and members of the family will create a mural on Main Street/Downtown Vacaville near the McBridge Senior Center. 

what is the primary message of this blurb? what do we want to convey to the community and 


volunteers, NOS, artists, Essien



downtown Vacaville


??? 2021, but what date? Season?


commemorate his life. what additional messaging will be in the mural? is it capturing his hobbies? a message about gun violence?




Essien is so much more than just a victim of gun violence. Essien was a youth, 

what are you trying to say about him? youth, potential, missed opportunity, a lifetime prematurely ended 

to spread the message to the family that Essien my be gone but he is not forgotten

to remind the community of the life that was lost here, senselessly


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Donate/Volunteer with us


This project is made possible by generous donors, creatives and volunteers like you. Please consider sharing your time, art supplies or other resources as we plan and create this piece. 

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