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Nature of Sound

In 2013, Nature of Sound was created on the idea that creative passions can be orchestrated to make meaningful change for our community.

Creative Community Solutions depends on unlocking   

Pause. Anxiety Free

Everyone needs a break. We believe in volunteer autonomy and the priorities should always be set on you. Take the time you need to focus on your personal and professional commitments, just let us know when you are ready to start again. 

Free to Join

We will never require a purchase or suggest a donation to be a member of our program. We value your time and contributions as a part of our community.

Volunteer your way.

Our organization was created to connect creative passions to make voice meaningful change for our community and for those who are voiceless. 

Creatively Practical

We believe in empowering our team to achieve what's best for their personal goals and career.

Cause to grow


Art         Music         Film         Games
Creatively Practical
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