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Nature of sound is a nonprofit organization operating in Solano County/Northern California. We provide creative community solutions through art, music, film, and games to solve critical issues we identify as our charitable causes. 


Our mission is to provide Community Creative Solutions to connect the community to charity and solve critical issues by presenting projects, workshops, and events. We connect creative talents and passions to improve community engagement in volunteer activities, security and economic development. 

Our vision is a community that works in complete harmony.

In-which creative expression can be given a platform that's environmentally adequate, enriching to the youth and supportive to the community that nurtures developments of its citizens. Entrepreneurship and philanthropy driven by the diversity of the public. Creating volunteerism that springs throughout the spectrum of talents. 

"Guidance and coordination is our highest priority."

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Hassan Sabbagh

Executive Director / Founder

"With its inception Nature of Sound stands for what is possible with creative expression and the combination of entertainment through charity.

When we engage in a community we look into establishing a connection to self-actualization and pop culture. With empowered potential, we can focus on the critical issues."

"In-Service for the youth of the world."


Thank you assemblymen _frazier_jim for the certificate of Recognition it was an honor to be nominate
Thank you Bill Dodd, Susan Bonilla, and Lois Wolk for the Certificate of Recognition it was a honor
Thank you congressmen _repgaramendi for the congressional commendation it was a honor to be nominate
Thank you _childrensnurturingproject and SKIP for the #Championsforchildren #awards it was an honor

our charitable causes are reflective of the critical issues we identify in our community and partnerships.

Charitable Causes

We promote our youth outreach programs that focus on creative volunteer opportunities and services. Our various programs are tailored to individual passions, which allow us to engage youth towards our other charitable causes.

We promote nonprofit or Government programs that focus on aiding victims of crime such as; domestic violence, child abuse, and combating human trafficking. Our various programs will aid in public awareness and outreach.

We promote nonprofit, Local and government programs focused on special needs. We document their services so families across the county can learn more..

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